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We know you want your foods fresh, fast and without fuss.
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Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We are based in Saitama, Japan which means your order will be with you in just a few days.

Our Promise

Our Promise

At the end of the day our guarantee is simple. We are here to help you get healthy food in Japan. If you have questions or suggestions just drop us a line!

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our secure payment system or you can pay cash on delivery (COD) when your order is delivered.

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Delivery and Payment

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Why Shop Tengu?


Our Passion

Our Passion for Good Food

We have spent years meeting, talking and working with dedicated, hard working organic farmers and natural food producers. This is more than just a job for us, it is a passion, which we love to share with our customers.

Honest Information

Clear and Honest Information

Our guiding star is “knowledge, choice, freedom”. We carry a lot of organic products, those both certified within Japan and those certified abroad and have labelled everything as clearly as we can. We also carry some items which are conventionally grown but you can be sure they won’t be full of synthetic or artificial stuff. We all taste test everything we sell too!

Friendly Service

Friendly Service

We know what it’s like to try and live an organic, vegetarian or vegan life in Japan. If you can speak Japanese it can be hard enough but if you can’t it’s near impossible. If you have a question about the products we sell, if you’re looking for recipes, or are desperate for a product you just can’t find in Japan, feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

Organic Farming

Without a healthy earth we have nothing. Organic farming protects the soil, the water and the animals on whom all life depends.

Why Support Organic Farming?

  • Care Of The Soil

    Conventional farms rely on Insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers to produce large crops. Soil is a living thing; the microorganisms, animals and insects it supports are essential for good fertility but are killed off with intensive farming. We support organic farms which tend their soil as lovingly as their crops, knowing, as we do, that it is the basis of sustainable agriculture and a sustainable future.

  • Protect Water Supply

    Conventional farming leaves high levels of chemical residue in the soil, which gets washed down into rivers and streams to pollute the water table. Organic farming works to protect the water supply. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) discovered pesticides in the groundwater of 40 countries, a sign of how the conventional system is poisoning both us and the world.

  • Support Small Farms

    The bedrock of organic farming worldwide is the family farm and small scale agriculture. When these farms join together they can create a community strong enough to take on large companies that currently dominate the food industry. Organic foods have become big business with corporations buying up the popular organic brands. We always aim to buy from the smaller suppliers though as it is these companies who truly believe in the foods that they sell and who live by their organic principles.

  • Make A Difference

    Small scale farming allows people to create change through introducing new species, crop rotation and new technology.

  • Protect People

    Conventional farming can use highly toxic chemicals, damaging the health of the farmers as well as the consumer. We support organic farmers who protect their own health and pass on those health benefits to the people who buy their produce. We want to protect the health of the world as a whole which is why we stand behind organic agriculture.

  • Reliability

    'Organic' is now a standard term and cannot be used without supporting documentation registered with a governmental agency. A product cannot be labelled organic unless a government agency has found it to be free of herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or fungicides through production, post-harvest processing and distribution.

Alishan Organic Center

About the Alishan Organic Center

We started in 1988 as Tengu Natural Foods; a simple home delivery service of natural foods. Our purpose was to get granola and peanut butter for Jack and his friends. Over the years, under the name of Alishan, we have become importers, repackers and wholesellers of organic vegetarian foods to shops and cafe’s nationwide. We’ve always felt that to share good foods with friends is to partake in one of the joys of life.

In 2001 we built a big red barn on the banks of the Koma River and opened the Alishan Cafe, with a big deck at the water’s edge. Please visit us and share the beauty. Then, as now, our joy and mission is to connect good farmers worldwide with good people in Japan.


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