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Garlic Chili Sauce

Garlic Chili Sauce

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Garlic Chili Sauce, with Taiwanese garlic. Enjoy this sauce for various dishes such as stir-fried, noodle toppings, dipping sauce and so on.

Country Of Origin: Taiwan


soybean oil, Chili, garlic, sugar , salt, yeast extract , citric acid


Serving Size: 100g, Calories: 482kcal, Protein: 3g, Total Fat: 48.6g, Total Carbohydrate: 8.1g, Salt: 3.4g

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Garlic chili sauce recipes

SauceCo is one of the most popular brands in Taiwan with over 70 years of experience in manufacturing fermented sauces. Garlic chili sauce is fiery hot blended appetizing garlic and ideal for adding a kick to your dipping sauces, to noodles, fried rice and many other dishes. Click here for more recipes.

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