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Alishan 35th Anniversary handkerchief※

Alishan 35th Anniversary handkerchief※

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size: 25cm X 25cm. These wooden handkerchiefs are made from brand-name cedar and Nishikawa lumber from Saitama Prefecture. Wooden yarn is spun from cellulose extracted from chips processed from thinned cedar and cypress, and warp and weft yarns are combined to weave the cloth. It is characterized by good water absorbency and quick-drying properties, as well as being lightweight and durable. It is so gentle to the skin that it is hard to believe it is made of wood, and can be used just like a cloth handkerchief. The cedar and cypress trees are grown in the Nishikawa Forestry Area, which stretches around Hanno City in the southwestern part of Saitama Prefecture. The area extends along the Iruma, Koraigawa, and Koshibe River basins upstream of the Arakawa River, and in the old days, it was used for houses and tools in the town of Edo, taking advantage of its water transportation, and prospered as "high-quality timber carried on the river from the west of Edo". The "wood-changing project" is a project that transforms wood into various forms with ideas that are not bound by conventional concepts. Using trees in our daily lives leads to the revitalization of forests. The woven pattern is based on the image of a cedar tree, and the handkerchief is intended to make people feel closer to the forest and trees through the handkerchiefs they use every day.

Country Of Origin: Japan


Undesignated fiber (paper) 50%., Organic cotton 50%


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