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Textured Soy Protein

Textured Soy Protein

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Textured soy protein is a vegetarian's staple food and perfect for dishes where you need the texture of meat. This type is best used as a replacement for mince, and can make great meat sauce for topping spaghetti or using in a lasagne. It can also be used as a base for a hamburger mix or in a variety of popular Japanese dishes such as mabodofu and gyoza. Pre-soak for five or ten minutes before use, either in water or in stock for more flavour.

Country Of Origin: Switzerland

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organic soybeans


Serving Size: 100g, Calories: 354kcal, Protein: 52g, Total Fat: 6g, Total Carbohydrate: 31g, Salt: 0.05g

Allergen Statement

This product is made in a facility that also processes foods containing: wheat, buckwheat, milk, peanut

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Textured soy protein (TSP) recipes

TSP has no taste and they need to be rehydrated before using in recipes. They absorb all flavors, spices and sauces like a sponge. Use this to your advantage. Rehydrate TSP directly in your sauces and marinades so they soak up all those delicious flavors from the start. TSP granules are ideal for bolognese, lasagna, and chili. Discover various ways to use TSP here:

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