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Tengu Natural Foods

Green Noodle

Green Noodle

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Instant noodles that are friendly to people and the environment. Choose vegan, organic and eco-friendly. Green noodles are instant noodles with VEGAN certification and organic JAS certification. 100% organic wheat from North America is used for the flour. The non-fried noodles are carefully steamed and dried without being fried in oil, so you can enjoy a texture similar to raw noodles. The special soup has a rich flavor of organic soy sauce and a rich taste of kelp and shiitake mushrooms. No chemical seasonings or yeast extracts are used, and organic safflower oil and sesame oil are combined to bring out the mellowness and aroma.

Country Of Origin: Japan

Organic Status: JAS


Noodle:, wheat, salt, Soup:, soy sauce, safflower oil, sugar, salt, starch, shiitake extract, powdered bamboo shoots, seseame oil, spice, konbu extract, soy sauce


Serving Size: 110g, Calories: , Protein: 13.2g, Total Fat: 4.2g, Total Carbohydrate: 56.9g, Salt: 5.4g

Allergen Statement

This product is made in a facility that also processes foods containing: wheat, sesame, soy, shrimp, egg, milk, buckwheat

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