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Eden Organic Soymilk Vanilla

Eden Organic Soymilk Vanilla

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The only US soy milk made with 100% real, pure vanilla extract. Pure vanilla extract has more than 250 flavor and aromatic compounds that create its complex and unique, naturally sweet taste. Edensoy is the only soy milk made with nourishing Japanese kombu seaweed and gentle, unrefined, naturally malted organic wheat and barley extract as sweetener. It is also the only US soy milk properly prepared to nurture human beings, a result of years of study on how best to prepare soy protein for human assimilation and maximum nutrition. Fortified with the finest bio-available vegan quality vitamins and calcium, Edensoy provides whole balanced soy protein, healthy essential fatty acids, and high energy complex carbohydrates. Use it to make smoothies, popsicles, pudding and countless other desserts.

Country Of Origin: USA

Organic Status: JAS


purified water, organic soybeans, d20, vanilla extract, calcium carbonate, kombu seaweed, sea salt, vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin D2, Vitamin B12


Serving Size: 240ml, Calories: 140kcal, Protein: 6g, Total Fat: 3g, Total Carbohydrate: 23g , Salt: 0.2g

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