FAQ | Products

  • Do you sell bulk sizes?

    Yes, bulk sizes of many of our products are available. We also have a wholesale division if you are buying for company use. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Why is my dried fruit turning white?

    Dried fruit often develops a white bloom over time. This is caused by the natural sugars crystalizing on the surface of the fruit and is perfectly safe to eat.

  • Are all your products organic?

    No. Tengu sells both organic and conventional products but they are all clearly marked on the shopping cart. We use the following distinctions when labelling products:

    OG: Organic, with certification from country of origin.

    JAS: Organic, certified in Japan.

    OI: Made with a percentage of organic ingredients but not certified organic as a whole.

    NOG: Not organic.


  • Concerning allergies

    We are not a specialist in allergen-free products and though we carry some allergen free products we are not a certified allergen free establishment.

  • Why is the product I received from a different country than that specified online?

    Our spices, dried fruit, seeds and nuts in particular are all liable to change depending on crop conditions worldwide. We try to keep our online store up to date but occasionally there may be differences in country of origin. If you are in any way concerned please contact us prior to placing your order, or write a note in the comments section when placing your order.

  • Why does the product I bought look different to the one I bought last time?

    This is natural variation; all fruits, nuts and seeds show colour changes across seasons and years depending on weather conditions. Length of roast in the case of peanut butter will also alter the colour. If you are concerned please contact us at [email protected]

  • What does the * mean in the product ingredients?

    Our shopping cart marks some products OI meaning they are made with organic ingredients but are not certified 100% organic. We use an asterix to show which of the ingredients in the product are organic.

  • What does the ※ mark after the product name mean?

    The ※ mark in the product name means that it will be charged with 10% tax, instead of 8% tax.