FAQ | Discounts and Payment

  • I don't have a credit card. How can I pay for my order?

    You can pay the delivery company for your order in cash when it arrives. Please select the COD payment option during check out.

  • Is your shopping cart secure?

    Our cart is covered by an SSL certificate and is secure. Your credit card number is never stored in our own records but is handled by the secure payment gateway GMO.

  • Can I use a debit card?

    Yes, our cart accepts debit cards.

  • Can I get a receipt for my order?

    Due to guidance from the tax authorities, we are unable to issue receipts as this would constitute double issuance for the same transaction.
    Please understand this in advance.
    As an alternative to a receipt, please refer to the following.
    In the case of cash on delivery
     We will replace the receipt with a "courier invoice".
     (In the case of cash on delivery, the courier invoice will also serve as the receipt.)
    In case of credit card
     (In the case of cash on delivery, the invoice issued by the courier will also serve as a receipt.

  • Do you have a discount scheme?

    Yes. If you order more than 10,000 yen you get 5% off your order. Order more than 20,000 yen and you can get 10% off your order. We also hold 10% off sales and offer special discounts through our monthly newsletter.